Future for Kids

Improve literacy levels in the marginalized regions


Encourage establishment and utilization of libraries and literature resource center’s

Growth & Development

Foster the growth of reading challenges and book clubs

About us

Adopting with Love & care for Learning

Adopt-a-library is an initiative that equips, refurbishes and stocks libraries from marginalized communities with new and repurposed books aims to improve children’s literacy at ages of 3 years- 14 years.

  • Enrolment: Sign up needy institutions in marginalized regions (Adoptee)
  • Donate: Encourage the volunteers to adopt a library (Adopter)
  • Mobilize: Adoptee Mobilizes for donations
  • Dispatch: donated Books are sent to library
  • Stock: Library gets stocked with books
  • Follow Up: have regular engagement with adoptee and adopter





Donated Books


Stocked Libraries

Advance feature

Our Advance Equipped Libraries

The libraries are equipped with both curriculum and leisure books to provide a fun, interesting and engaging books that awakens children imaginations and promote reading culture at an early stage. Having fun educational books easily available helps to encourage independent learning, intellectual curiosity, and a lifelong passion for reading.

The first enrollment of adopt a library started in April 2022 with 30 libraries from marginalized areas in different parts of the country identified for stocking. the public is also encouraged to donate books to make an impact to a database of primary schools in need of a library donation.