Maktabas Inc.

Maktabas Inc. is an organization that collects and gathers books from different parts of the world and distributes them to schools and public libraries in Kenya.

Their goal is to provide a book to every individual in Kenya who has a desire to read. Maktabas, Inc., hopes to impact the illiteracy deficit in Kenya, thereby positively impacting poverty by decreasing it. Research shows that individuals who are literate are less apt to be poor because they can obtain higher paying jobs since they are educated. Maktabas has distributed more than 100,000 Books and equipped 128 Libraries in Kenya, Rwanda and Southern Sudan in the last five years.

Half Priced Books

Halfpriced Books, is the leading not for profit bookstore in Kenya that stocks pre-owned and brand new books. The bookstore was started with a motive to give the readers access to the global books market. The company endeavor’s to provide these books at an affordable price. Halfpriced Books believe’s in nurturing the reading culture from an early age and for this, they have a wide selection of titles for ECD level, preteen and teenagers.

Halfpriced Books gives back through channeling part of their proceeds to the community through books donations to libraries and participating in reading activities to the children.

Mercy Kibira

Mercy is a books enthusiast who is passionate about promoting the reading culture in Africa. She is keen on conversations revolving around African literature and eradicating illiteracy in marginalized communities from Africa. She believes that the first solution to eradicating illiteracy is making books accessible to children and that early exposure to literacy helps the children understand the world and the people around them.

Through Adopt-a-Library, Mercy hopes to give children from needy communities an opportunity to read and learn through books and put them on an equal footing as their peers across the globe